Boulder Endo LeanMD


LeanMD is a Medically Supported Weight Loss Program based on real fresh foods, an easy-to-follow diet with personalized virtual support. Our board certified doctors will hep you reach your weight loss goals quickly and safely.

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Boulder Endo DEXA Body Scan

DXA Body Composition Scan

The DXA Body Scan is a comprehensive snapshot of your exact breakdown of bone, fat tissue, and muscle mass. It is the most accurate and precise body fat test available, which allows you to adjust and optimize your program to best suit your body’s composition.

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Bone Density Testing

Boulder Endocrinology offers bone density testing by DXA scanning, the gold standard for bone density measurement and prediction of fracture risk.

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Dietitian Services

Boulder Endocrinology has partnered with Boulder Nutrition & Exercise Services to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy for our patients to help with disease prevention and disease management.

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