Osteoporosis, meaning porous bone, is a condition in which the bones gradually thin and weaken making them susceptible to fractures. Osteoporosis can be caused by Vitamin D and Calcium Deficiency or by hormonal changes attributed to the endocrine system.


The best way to diagnose Osteoporosis is by Dual X-ray Absorptiometry – or DXA. The scan measures a person’s spine, hip, or total-body bone density to help gauge their risk of fractures. The test is accurate and can help you and your doctor evaluate the best course of action.


There are many treatment options available for Osteoporosis. Eating calcium rich foods, certain supplements, and medication will keep bones from further weakening. Thought it may seem counter intuitive, resistance exercise helps build stronger bones. For those at high risk of having fragility fractures, effective and safe medications are available to help protect against broken bones.

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